Key Roles
  • Developed next generation patient information systems. Design and architecture of a tablet/mobile application

    System is aimed at paperless workflow for clinicians. Specialized UI geared toward touch and gesture input methods. This application and database back-end are designed to standardize and ease recordkeeping workload for clinic personnel. Key involvement from design to field implementation, full SDLC.

  • Developed 3 tier system to serve a major Illinois city's community development department

    This system utilized a database to store and systems to track properties and modifications to these properties for historic preservation. The system presented a Winforms GUI and used SQL Server Reporting Services for displaying and printing various administrative forms. The users could create request forms, permits and track modifications to the properties.

  • Designed and implemented an access control device

    This Windows CE 5.0 based device authenticates and controls access to teller drawers, doors and other security sensitive areas and devices. This device utilizes a fingerprint as the biometric identifier and authenticates to a server on the network. Project included BSP (Board Support Package) modifications and CE platform building. This project enabled a switch from embedded XP to WinCE and will present savings of hardware costs in addition to performance gains. This system utilizes a Client Server architecture and was coded in embedded C++(eVC++4). Operating system was Windows CE and used TCP/IP network protocols, SQL Server 2000, encryption, Wiegand for card reading and Biometric security.

  • Coded and implemented modules for business rules layer and database

    The server side project was for lease tracking and management application. This back-end tracks leases and other financial instruments through application to end of lease. I developed components for use by non-.Net applications. This server application utilizes Windows Services for updating and housekeeping tasks. The modules were coded in C#, .Net, and used .Net Remoting, COM Interop, ADO.Net, WinForms and SQL Server 2000 stored procedures.

  • Participated in financial markets data feed systems development and maintenance

    I was Responsible for company’s Workstation product maintenance and upgrades. Product consists of client and server sides of high-speed market data feeds. Server side duties included optimizations and upgrades. In one case a 20% increase in throughput was realized by re-factoring bottlenecks discovered during extensive profiling. This project utilized C++, sockets, Windows services and GUI development. Microsoft Visual C++, multithreading and TCP/IP network protocols.

  • I was a key player in the design and implementation of real-time trading systems for a Chicago equities trading company.

    The server system acts as FIX (Financial Information eXchange) server for trading applications. Exchange system is a bridge for traders and various exchanges and ECNs utilizing the FIX protocol. I was responsible for SQL Server database setup and programming. The database systems use triggers and stored procedures for archiving and storing orders and completed trades. This project utilized Visual C++, COM/ATL object oriented architecture, ActiveX, STL, Server side multi-threaded coding and TCP/IP socket communications.

    Point of Sale

    I was brought in to perform troubleshooting and diagnostics of POS (Point Of Sale) systems for major office supply company’s 1000 stores. I tracked down issues in .Net code and systems and provided resolution. One piece of the project involved credit card processing systems diagnostics. The card readers are serial devices and are manipulated via a combination of VB code, VN.Net and VBA script. This involved debugging and modifaction of the serial communications code. Extensive use of remote debugging and logging. The POS system consists of .Net modules and COM components. These systems utilized SQL Server 2005 stored procedures, COM and were written in VB.Net and VB 6. Credit card processing required expertise in encryption and serial communications.