Apps in both iTunes and The Google Play Store and experience in Windows mobile that runs from mobile 6.0 – 6.5 and into Windows 7 tablet application development I've got most of the mobile bases covered.

Apple iOS

Developed successful iPhone and iPad App Sedona Hiking. This App supplies mobile users offline maps, descriptions and their real-time GPS location while there are enjoying one of the 100+ trails in Sedona AZ. The App supplies the users with real-time driving directions to the trail head and through the use of map pins displays points of interest and images of what view they have in store along the trail.


In the Android world I’ve developed Apps for SMS utilities and location based Apps for outside recreational activities. The hiking app uses offline mapping and GPS for tracking a user’s location in relation to a trail route. This App interfaces with a web interface (cloud based) for gathering hike date when online then is designed to operate in a strictly off line mode. I recently released an audio file manager/player for App to Google Play as well.


On the Windows CE and mobile platforms my development experience covers Board support development (BSP) for provisioning and building Windows CE/Mobile operating systems for specific devices. I’ve also developed software to run in Symbol devices for large retailers for pricing and other retail functions such as bar code scanners and mobile web apps.

I was responsible for the design and implementation of a Windows 7 based tablet application for a medical services provider. This system was aimed at paperless workflow for physical therapy clinicians. I designed specialized UI geared toward touch and gesture input methods. This application and database back-end were designed to standardize and ease record keeping workload for clinic personnel. This system is utilized in 150 clinics nationwide.